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CIVIS - Citizenship and Integration of Foreign Immigrants in Veneto

For Veneto, the immigration phenomenon represents an important systemic factor that has an ever-increasing impact on the social and economic growth and development dynamics of the region.

For the Veneto Region the effective and responsible integration of immigrant citizens into the social fiber represents one of the pillars of the sector’s programming, and within that context that is why the Social Services division, through the Migration Flow Organizational Unit, with the CIVIS project, wanted to promote activities of Italian language literacy and knowledge as well as civic education for non-EU citizens legally residing within the regional territory, set forth and financed by the first editions of the European Fund for Integration (FEI) project, and subsequently as of 2014 by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (FAMI).

The CIVIS project created by the Veneto Region, through the Provincial Centres for Adult Education, in collaboration with the Regional School Board of Veneto and with Veneto Labour, constitutes an important initiative of linguistic training aimed at guaranteeing the full social integration of immigrants, that starts precisely with the basic element of knowledge and relationship between the various citizens within a territory: language.

Only by first learning the host country’s language can one fully overcome specific difficulties linked to being an immigrant, thus promoting the cohabitation process within the regional community in a framework focusing on social dialogue and prevention of conflicts.