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Regional Immigration Board

Consulta Regionale Immigrazione

The Regional Law No. 9 of 30 January 1990, concerning interventions in the immigration sector, establishes the Regional Immigration Board having the purpose of facilitating the integration of non-EU citizens residing in Veneto and the dialogue with the local community.

The Board operates out of the Regional Council of Veneto under the direction of the President, or delegated Assessor, and is composed of representatives of the organizations continuously operating in favour of immigration and the associations of non-Eu immigrants registered with the Regional Registry, as well as leaders of institutions, support offices, organizations, employers, entrepreneurs and employees. It is a decisive body called on to express opinions and formulate proposals concerning the drafting of the Three-Year Plan and Annual Program of initiatives and interventions in the immigration sector of the Veneto Region, concerning the monitoring of the immigration phenomenon, the subsequent social and financial transformations, the adoption of initiatives and measures aimed at satisfying the principal needs of immigrants and their families in the academic, cultural, social and health care, and housing sectors, concerning the criteria of allocation of contributions destined for municipalities or organizations registered with the “Regional Register of Associations, Entities and Bodies that continuously operate in the immigration sector”.