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Anti-Discrimination Observatory

The Regional Anti-Discrimination Observatory was founded on March 21, 2013 through a Memorandum of Understanding between the Veneto Region - Migrants Flow Org. Unit and the National Racial Anti-Discrimination Office (UNAR), and was entrusted to Veneto Labour.
The principal objective of the Observatory is to promote actions aimed at preventing and fighting discrimination based on race and ethnic origin through a series of activities, created in collaboration with the Territorial Anti-Discrimination Networks, widespread throughout the Veneto Region.
The activities range across various fields and are also designed based on the needs of each area. More specifically, the Observatory and Network receives discrimination reports and work towards removing them, by supporting and guiding the victims; they do important prevention work in all types and levels of schools through the creation of laboratories geared towards the students, with the objective of promoting the well-being and inclusion of youths in school and society; they take care of officially training public administration operators on the topic of discrimination; they organize training/educational sessions geared towards third-country citizens located in the region and potential victims of discrimination, on the existing tools to fight it, with the parallel objective of shining light on the discrimination that still largely remains hidden; of implementing projects and good practices for employees; of creating specific projects geared towards immigrant women, with the objective of promoting social inclusion; they take care of  raising awareness with the public on the issue of discrimination.