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Veneto Immigration is the Veneto Region portal dedicated to welcoming and promoting the social and economic inclusion of citizens of non-European union countries, operated by Veneto Labour under assignment by the Regional Council - Health Care, Social Services and Social & Health Care Programming Division, through theMigration Flow Organizational Unit. It reaches out to a wide number of users: not just immigrant citizens, but also the native population, public, private and non-profit operators, institutions, recognized immigrant associations, social and financial organizations of the Veneto Region, and those with relevant roles and tasks and that work within the local government. The purpose of the content therein is to promote the knowledge of projects and initiatives concerning immigrant citizens legally residing in the region, and to allow for the in-depth study and awareness of the transformations, issues and opportunities deriving from the Immigration phenomenon in Veneto.

The portal is developed on two principal interfaces: one dedicated to organization, policies and programming, which can be accessed by the horizontal menu bar; and the second one for discussions belonging to the homonymous area. The section “How do I...”, instead, hosts four applications dedicated to the regulation concerning immigration and foreigner status, to the organizations operating at a regional level for the linguistic training of immigrant citizens, to the associations registered with the national registry, and to the dedicated and integrated services provided by the regional public bodies.

Furthermore, form the portal you can access a collection of online videos and the Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) platform.