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Regional Programming

Art. 3 of Regional law No. 9 of 30 January 1990 specifies the scopes and planning tools for the initiatives and interventions aimed  at  guaranteeing  the  full  social and  employment  integration  of  legal  foreign  citizens  situated in the Veneto Region.

The Region’s general objectives and guidelines are outlined in the Three-Year Plan, which is approved by the Regional Board after being prepared by the Regional Council, once the Immigration Board has been heard.

The Annual Program is attached to it by May 31st of every year, by resolution of the Regional Council and after gathering the opinions of the Regional Board for Immigration and the competent Advisory Committee. Said program indicates the interventions and initiatives for overcoming the difficulties linked to being an immigrant and, in compliance with the preservation of the languages and cultural identities of origin, for fostering inclusion into the regional community through linguistic, social, academic and employment integration programs for immigrant citizens and their families permanently residing within the region.