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About the Associations

Recognized immigrant associations, a form of self-organization and self-activation, and the use of entities, societies, cooperatives and bodies for the same, play an important and often decisive role in overcoming specific difficulties linked to being an immigrant and in fostering the inclusion processes in the regional productive and social fabric.

The Veneto Region is aware of this and, in accordance with Art. 7 of Regional Law no. 9 of 30 January 1990, has established the Regional Registry of Associations, Entities and Bodies that continuously operate in the immigration sector, consisting of both immigrant citizens of Countries not part of the European Union (N type) as well as originating from third-world countries (M type). In this section you can learn in-depth about the groups registered with the aforementioned registry and search them by type, by countries they deal with, and by the fields where they carry out their activities. Thanks to a georeferential map you can also specifically find out where their offices are located.