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Voluntary Re-entry

A prolonged absence from the Country of origin often leads to the damping of relations with the initial social and economic context, and to an altered perception of its reality caused by the distance. Therefore, re-entry often reveals itself to be a new migration that requires the returning person to go through a re-insertion path into the social and productive fiber, which is not always easy to attain.

The willingness to re-enter may be determined by different factors: of a financial and social nature, and related to the opportunities offered by the Country of origin. Whether re-entry is dictated by employment or support difficulties, by lack of integration in Italy or by the unwillingness to improve the experiences, skills and resources accumulated, for example by starting and entrepreneurial project, the operational and analytical tools made available in this section of the portal can be used in the Country of origin, for the aforementioned reasons, to promote the reintegration of those making this choice.