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Territorial Plans for Integration

The Region of Veneto has set forth, in the three-year and annual programming of initiatives and interventions in the immigration sector, the assignment of financing for the creation of integration measures, Territorial Plans for Integration, debuting at the Mayors Assemblies and subsequently, as a result of the reorganization of Regional  Law no. 19  of 25 October 2016, at the District Mayors Committees.

Upon identifying the priorities to pursue and the specific needs, the Provincial Coordination Boards of the Regions together with the institutional parties involved, are dedicated to organizing the proposed measures until they are introduced in an integrated system of interventions and services for integration, strengthening the efficiency of said interventions and avoiding duplications and overlapping. The strategic channels and branches of intervention which the Territorial Plans for Integration must refer to are identified in the three-year programs and annual plans of initiatives and interventions in the immigration sector of the Region.

The financing destined for each territorial field (first the Mayors Assemblies, and then the Committees of District Mayors) is determined annually by the Veneto Region, through its Migration Flow Organizational Unit, based on the assessment of immigrant citizens present. The amounts recognized are therefore subject to the submission and implementation of a Territorial Plan for Integration project proposal, and a shared financial contribution by the Assemblies/Committees of minimum 20% of the costs required for said activities.